Mix creation and production

I’ve carefully cultivated a double competence, creative and technical, to be able to understand and fully support a project. It also allows me to keep in touch with the trends and evolutions of the web and communication.

Stay agile and organized

I consider the ability to use common sense as primary to a project manager. He also has to be agile to be efficient and he has to be organised. Since it is in the front line, dealing with change is inevitable. This ability allows me to adjust projects to the changes they undergo.

Demonstrate empathy

I try to project myself into the situation of my end user to understand him better.
This allows me to find the best solutions in order to achieve the goals of my client.

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Do you want to work with me ?

I work for communications agencies as a freelancer and for companies for which I’m able to manage projects from design to production.
My main fields of action are:

  • Web – Corporate website, e-commerce, responsive website …
  • Video – Motion Graphics and shooting.
  • Branding – Logo, graphic design and print media.

I am able to associate myself with creative or technical profiles to meet your needs.

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Winker, behind the scenes

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Le brief de la startup était de reprendre le concept du projet Go For It, et de “l’appliquer” à l’application Winker. Nous étions donc relativement libre en terme de trame narrative. Nous nous sommes alors lancé sur l’écriture de différents synopsis. Cette étape fut longue, nous avions décidé de faire participer les deux fondateurs de l’application à cette étape de réflexion.

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