Hello, my name is Antoine Boulinguez.

I’m a digital entrepreneur. I like to work on challenging problems to deliver creative answers.
I’m multidisciplinary and my passion for digital communication allows me to step into a variety of projects, from website to video production.

My motto is keep it simple and do it well.

Project management

I learned digital project managemenet during my five years study at l’Institut de l’Internet et du Multimédia (Paris, France), where I majored in Digital Communication management. I ended up valedictorian.

Motion design

From conception to production, I’m able to craft spectacular visual experiences, from mobile video to big screen advertising. I often team up with talented creative artists to meet your needs.


Whether I have to shoot stills or video, I am able to showcase your products or your identity. I make sure that every camera and equipment used will lead to achieve an optimal rendering.

Branding and Design

I’m an image designer, capable of creating strong and relevant visual identity.  I am able to advise you on the appropriate communication media to reach your target.


I am effective in designing HTML – CSS responsive websites and in the development of wordpress. I am able to assemble a team to work on e-commerce websites.

UI / UX design

Based on ergonomics research, I am able to create user interfaces which are both singular and engaging experiences, for any interactive device.


Whether I work alone or with a team, I strive to deliver projects in the shortest time, without sacrificing quality. I am reactive in all circumstances and I try to be proactive to anticipate issues that may arise and thus save time for both parties.













Each creative project is unique and is treated as such. The method I use is flexible and adaptive to match any type of project. It aims to analyse the various problems implied for each project and then provide relevant answers.


My mission is to listen to your needs, understand your goals and then begin a stage of quantitative and qualitative research.


The idea is to think about your project from all angles, applying a critical eye to develop the most appropriate solution.


From design to production, I work with an implementation approach method that involves regular testing in order to achieve relevant results.

If you want us to work together on a design project,  Contact me