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The goal : Rethink the website with a clever redesign in order to improve ergonomics, accessibility and efficiency.

The company specializing in air conditioning solutions asked us to create their new commercial site.

The creation of the responsive website is the result of a complete rework at all levels: ergonomic, visual and structural. A new content management system replaces the old one, security and SEO have been strengthened.


After the scope of the new website defined, I started working on creating wireframes for the main pages. This step defines the structure of the pages in order to optimize the ergonomics and the navigation experience.

We then move on the creation of the web design using the wireframes as references. They are used for the development of desktop and mobile templates. Below, an overview of the wireframe and the layout of the homepage.

Wireframe site IDK Homepage site IDK

Product page

On the old version, the catalog pages were directly uploaded in an image format. This is not without posing ergonomics, accessibility and referencing issues.

The new site includes more than 100 products pages. We have created a series of responsive design templates to highlight their contents while respecting their specifications, and to correct the problems encountered on the previous version of the website.

Product page IDK desktop
Product page IDK mobile
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