Social finance Grands Prix France

The mission : Create a video for each winner, ie 9 videos, in less than 2 months.

For the last five years, the Social Finance Grands Prix has been awarded to entrepreneurs who works for reintegration, sustainable development, microfinance and social housing in France.

The design and video production of the 2014 edition was entrusted to the agency Pinkanova. Upstream of the event, a video was produced for each of the four “heart stroke” nominees, to allow the public to vote online. At the event, the five winners (winners in their respective categories) were presented through a video. My job was to create animations for each of the 9 videos.

9 videos and 13 variations

In addition to the videos for the winners projected at the event, we have created 13 versions for the web, or for use within the companies.

Besides: The road map allowed to take into account the various deadlines and keep track of each of the animations.

Below: Representation in the form of a flowchart of the different compositions used in this After Effects project. To optimize my productivity, I made sure to share a maximum of footage.

Deadline planning

After effects composition visualized